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Çarşamba, Mart 10, 2010

Answer to Soner Çağaptay

Putting Gulen against Ergenekon is fake, a lie.

I do not listen to Gulen, even my head is not covered, I made my education in the netherlands and say here that I vote for AKP because of I really want democracy, because of I accept liberal economics, because I accept all democratic steps of AKP.

We did not forget what dear Merve Kavakci has faced in our country during 1997 and we shame on it. Cagaptay has to know that Turkey is not the same Turkey as in the 1980's or 90's or early 2000's.

In a democratic Turkey should mrs kavakci come back to Turkey and join the election, I appreciate to see her as a member of the Grand National Assembly and I will applaud her with all my heart, especially when I see her as Minister for Education; I will applaud a kurdish lady being Minister of Defense and
I will applaud with all my heart when a Turkish armenian citizen will be our Minister of Internal Affairs and I will be proud of to see a member of the religious group of Ali to be Department of Religious Affairs President.

As living since 1974 in Turkey, I face that there is no danger of Sharia in Turkey, even we the citizen, do not accept to overthrow the democracy which is essentially the aim of the some army officers(generals) and the CHP. Soner Cagaptay has to shame on him, to write this article.

Democracy is putting citizen in the middel; if there was democracy in Turkey there would no houses for the members of The Grand national Assembly, there would no houses for the military generals, no officers clubs, no houses for bureauratic servents which are all made by our taxes. In case ot these there would very healthy houses for our citizens whom we lost with erathquake in Elazig.

So, as a democratic and non covered woman, I believe in AKP and force them step by step for more democracy. But, as a pity, a woman like me cannot trust CHP or the army, regarding democracy!

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